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Sunday 26th July 2020


The K1 completed its first week on the Jacobite with no significant problems.

As the week progressed we had a few very minor settling in issues to deal with but the loco performed very well. The loco carried a wreath for 3 days mid week in memory of the friends and colleagues we have lost this year.

The support crew, Angie, Saskia, James Pearcy and me managed to deal with the Covid 19 restrictions without issue. One of the benefits of the restrictions is that we now have our own shower/toilet block (the little green box) at the depot. This is much better than using the NR facility as in previous years.

Loading on the Jacobite generally increased through the week but the train was only running at maximum Covid 19 capacity on one day. This meant that there was room for the whole support crew to travel in the train apart from the one day that it was full. I expect that demand for tickets will continue to rise as more tourists reach the area but we will just have to see. Predictably, there were noticeably more British passengers than in previous years.

One very positive outcome from last week was passing James out as a mainline R.O. James shadowed me for the first couple of days then took over for the rest of the week. He did a brilliant job so congratulations to James and another very positive step for the Group in continuing its main line activities.

Before we left on Sunday we did a bit more work to the coach to make the 3rd compartment habitable (not needed in the first week as Angie and I sleep in our van) and had a good tidy up in the workshop.