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Monday 3rd and 10th August 2020


A group of 8 volunteers came equiped with gardening tools to clear the jungle. They needed to work separatly and conform to the new Covid-19 control measures.

The same party gathered at Hopetown for a little more gardening. As the back door was opened the rain descended. We found odd jobs, drank coffee, socially distanced chat, etc for about 30 minutes, watching the rain descend. Just like a test match without needing to pay. Then the rain cleared, the sun came out, and off we started with the loppers. The large yellow wagon was pinch bared by a length towards the building to allow access to the brambles underneath.  Allan and Colin spent the day with shovels trying to clear the ballast away from the track inner edge after pulling up the weeds near the crossing. All now quite neat. Sorry the photo is a bit shaken but the magnification is about x7.

The brambles now cleared 4' from the rail - Nigel Hall

The blackberries were picked. I’m expecting some with my dinner, others are on trays ready to go into the freezer.

The blackberries are ripe - Nigel Hall

Inside, Ed and Arthur reported a ¼ brick landing by the J72 cab. No, not vandals throwing missiles through the door, but one falling from the wall supported by the joist which supports the central tower. Is this the first of an avalanche? Is the tower about to do a 9/11? I suppose that if structural engineers are visiting on Wednesday then they can be shown something to report upon.

Rob Williamson delivered the second rail trolly and the J72 chimney cap just after 18:00.

Long day.

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