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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog 13th and 14th October 2020

13th and 14th October 2020

Work at Deviation Shed actually started on Monday this week, when, in spite of a brake fluid alarm in his car on the descent into Grosmont, Bryan Orange went over to help Paul Bailey from North Bay Railway carry out the regular PAT testing of the 52 plug connected items in the workshop. A couple of items needing rectification were fixed, while a couple of extension leads were condemmed. Ian Pearson called in before starting his driving duties and Paul and Angie also dropped off a large sack, full of rags.

For the regular Tuesday working party, there was heavy rain all day at Grosmont with Nigel Bill, Ian Pearson, and Richard De Sadeleer in the afternoon. Bill Dobson was not available this week as he had to go back to Scotland but should be back later in the week. Nigel and Ian spent all morning removing split pins from bolts around the steam reversing cylinders and other associated fittings. Lunch was had in Deviation Shed. Then, in the afternoon, with Richard assisting, the last of the oil cylinder bolts were removed. There was still another item to be removed on Wednesday however, before the whole unit could be lifted out using a folk lift .

The weather was a bit better on Wednesday, with a damp dismal morning but brighter later on. Steve Hyman and Ian Pearson were present. After finding the keys for the wheel drops Steve and Ian made their way to the wheel drop shed with a bucket of tools. They first removed the reverser rod that operates the steam lock, and then the rod which is normally attached to the reverser piston rod. With these removed, it will make it quite easy to remove the whole steam reversing unit which will be done by the shed staff when time allows. Lunch was had in Deviation Shed. Afterwards Steve and Ian went back to the wheel drop shed to NDT the intermediate corners of the horns. Steve dressed the areas required, then Ian did the NDT inspection and sent the photos to Barney for the MPD Q6 file.

Locomotives running this week were No 29, Repton, No 825 and D7628. 9F No 92134 was on steam test.

Next working parties will be on Tuesday 20 October 2020 with Ian Pearson, Bill Dobson and Richard De Sadeleer (in the afternoon) rostered, and on Wednesday 21 October 2020 with Ian Pearson, Steve Hyman, Ed Bolam and Bill Dobson on the roster. Remember, Deviation Shed is now closed to the public, so please do not visit unless you have been rostered.

The newly introduced Tier 1/2/3 measures do not currently require any change to our Covid 19 control procedures, and provide an exemption for work which cannot be carried out at home. We continue to monitor the situation however, which is subject to short notice change - York for example, we learn today is to join the rest of the North East in Tier 2, whilst North Yorkshire remains in Tier 1 - and will issue further guidance should it prove necessary. In the meantime though, please take care and keep safe as we face more difficult times with the pandemic.