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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog 14th to 20th January 2021

14th to 20th January 2021

On Tuesday 19th, it was raining all day, but a lot milder, for the Q6 working party of Bill Dobson, Ian Pearson and Jon Bradley, who had plenty to do in Deviation Shed. Bill was busy gapping the piston rings - a long and laborious job, cutting and filing to achieve the 1/8” gap required. Ian and Jon spent the day adjusting the pipe work so that the unions connected squarely, and fitting a bracket onto the steam heat and vacuum pipes.

It was still raining on Wednesday, with Ed Bolam joining Bill Dobson and Ian Pearson. Bill first went down to the MPD to check on progress with the Q6 cross heads: after re-metalling, a start had been made on the necessary machining. Bill then spent the rest of the day completing the gapping of the piston rings. After Ed had cleaned and lit the stove, he set up a bench with Ian at the south end of Deviation shed, and dressed and primed the left hand cab shoulder cladding sheet. However, he only dressed the one piece due to the amount of dust produced while removing the old paint. Definitely an outside job for a fine day! He also cleaned and oiled the slide bars, and oiled inside the left hand cylinder. Meanwhile, Ian fitted the right hand side rod securing nuts and taper pins.