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24th September 2020


The K1 completed its Jacobite duties on Saturday without any significant problems.

Given that we had written the season off only a few months ago, the fact that we have done 5 weeks work is a real bonus. I am also pleased to say that the Covid 19 restrictions did not cause us any problems. in fact, surprisingly, they made life easier in some respects. Many thanks to all who made it possible both in getting the engine and coach ready at Carnforth and by looking after the loco in Scotland.

The only down side to our short season is tyre wear which has been greater than usual. In order to get the most out of next season the tyres are to be turned on Carnforth’s ground lathe on the way back to Grosmont. This will be the last time the tyres currently fitted are turned before they require replacement.

The loco and coach are scheduled to leave Fort William on Monday and to arrive at Carnforth in the very early hours on Tuesday morning. The plan is then (after a bit of rest) for the support crew to remove the side rods and speedo bracket in preparation for tyre turning.

The loco and coach will move on to Grosmont as soon as possible after the tyres have been turned. This is likely to be mid October. Before then there will be at least one working party to refit the side rods and speedo bracket, to adjust the brakes and to see to anything else that needs attention.

When back at Grosmont the loco is expected to do some work during the second half of October and November. During this time the plan is to improve the wiring in the coach, before is next fixed wiring inspection early next year and to improve and decorate the kitchen and wc. Other improvements to the workshop area are also planned.