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14th October 2020


Arthur Jenkins and Ed Bolam set out cones on Station Road from McNay Street to the field gates, on the evening of the 13th, to preserve access for the HIAB truck ordered by Dave Pennock for the J72 boiler move next day.

The following day, amid frequent heavy showers, a small rostered working party, consisting of Ed Bolam, Arthur Jenkins, Terry Newman (RO), Richard Pearson, Malcky Simpson and Dave Wright, shunted the Weltrol wagon holding the boiler, using the DRPS diesel shunter, ready for collection of the boiler by Corners Transport.

The team had arrived early, to provide contingency, in case of problems, but, in the event, the truck was late and there was more than enough time. Better safe than sorry though!

The boiler was delivered by Corners to Northern Steam Engineering Limited (NSEL) later the same afternoon. NSEL has been selected to carry out the boiler repair, following a competitive tender exercise.

Some photographs of the day from Terry Newman:

Malky Aimpson drives the shunter whilst Ed Bowlam walks to the next point - Terry Newman

Terry Newman brings the shunt to a stop at the loading point

Strops being attached - Terry Newman

Ready to lift - Terry Newman

On its way - Terry Newman

Lowering onto wagon - Terry Nman

Om the waggon, returning for the door - Terry Newman

Door on waggon -Terry Newman

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