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My Train in the Attic


Matthew Smith writes:

My model train collection is built up of several different train sets and lots of extra track which I have built up over the years.

Layout left - Matthew Smith

At first the sets didn’t used to be utilised very often because we didn’t have a permanent space for it to be laid out but after our house extension there was a small attic space that could be insulated and done up. So my dad and I, over course of a couple months cut and fit insulation and boards to cover the insulation. We also put some carpet down to make a place to sit down and control the loops from.

Layout centre - Matthew Smith

After that I started designing a track layout to create, once we had put the different loops together we set about nailing the loops to the floor. For the next stage of my model railway we are thinking of adding a track loop attached to the wall which can be accessed by a series of ramps. The upper loop will come with a series of siding and junctions to store the surplus of carriages we have.

Layout right - Matthew Smith

I have the Flying Scotsman, the Eurostar high speed passenger train, a western tanker, the Blue Highlander and some smaller engines. My favourite 2 lcomotives are the Flying Scotsman and the Eurostar, which currently needs some new wheel grips because the old one has snapped.

Flying Scotsman - Matthew Smith

Like the rest of the NELPG Juniors I am anxious to get back to Workshop training at the Grosmont MPD again.

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