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Home Locomotives J27 65894 (NER P3 2392) J27 Blog Saturday 30th January 2021

Saturday 30th January 2021


Neal Woods, Doctor Ian Pearson, Paul Taylor and myself in attendance today

Dr Ian took the teams temperatures as usual on signing in.

Paul finished the cleaning the top of the cylinder block in the smoke box, this is now immaculate (I believe he ate his dinner off it) and now ready for not only that part of the annual insurance inspection but also a layer of concrete.

Ian removed the brackets and fittings necessary to remove the Vacuum pipe work and hose from the buffer beam. (Add a three link coupling and we've got something like authentic!..)

He then cracked the nuts on both cylinder covers, and these are now ready to remove.

Neal and I spent the first couple of hours splitting both crossheads. The followers and packings will be removed next week when hopefully the buffer beam, cylinder covers, and pistons will all be removed.

Neal then spent some time addressing the locos left hand Big end webbing and brasses, as these had been problematic when removed. These have been fettled, and measurements of both the Left and Right big ends have been taken by Neal. He also took the opportunity to scrape the white metal as the surface was mottled slightly.

I removed the rear valve covers, this is the steam chest completely exposed now, which will be useful for clearing swarf during the boring process.

All of the motion that needs to removed now has been. This is all sitting for the time being at least next to the loco on 5 Road, clean and labelled.

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