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Tuesday 18th February 2021


We had three days working on the K1 last week and one day on the J27

Thursday’s working party was Mike B, Angie and me, Friday’s was Chris H, Angie and me and we were joined in the afternoon by JP who came to progress the new lighting system in the coach. Other then JP’s work on the coach both days were spent on the K1.  Friday and Saturday in particular were very cold – if it got above freezing it did not feel like it!

The work on the locos undertaken over the three days was:

  1. Both crossheads/pistons split
  2. Pistons removed, cleaned and rings removed.
  3. Pistons loaded into company van – piston rods to be ground true.
  4. Both trailing loco brake pull rods removed, cleaned and loaded into my van (they won’t fit in the company van). The adjuster threads are to be refurbished and one bush is to be replaced.
  5. Annual service completed to drain cocks.
  6. Smokebox door seal removed and channel cleaned.
  7. Tender brake piston removed - Con rod little end pin holes to be bushed.
  8. Crosshead clearances checked
  9. Leading side rods moved from Dev shed to NYMR machine shop where the leading bushes are to be replaced by the NYMR.

Some of these jobs took longer than usual because of the extreme cold. The oxy gear was in regular use gently warming many components up before they could be safely worked upon. Even so, when the pistons were removed the rings were frozen into the groves and the piston packings were full of ice as were the drain cock valves.