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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog 24th February 2021

24th February 2021


Steady progress has been made with the K1 with working parties on Thursday (ex junior Scott Middlemiss, Angie and me) and Satuday (Scott, Rolly (who drove over from Morecambe) Mike B and me). The following work was undertaken over the two days:

  1. Both driving wheel set springs removed.
  2. Driving wheelset spring hangers, hanger bolts, Spencer blocks and hornstay areas thoroughly cleaned.
  3. All driving wheelset hornstay bolt split pins removed.
  4. Weld repairs to smokebox door seal ring started (to complete this week).
  5. Annual service of blower valve started (to complete this week).
  6. R.T. under keep tray drain pipework reassembled and braised in to position following weld repair to the tray (by Flavells). Tray refitted.
  7. Both little end pins die pen tested (both ok).
  8. Drivers side injector overflow pipe removed, fractured braise to elbow/flange repaired and pipe refitted.
  9. Steam chest pressure gauge feed pipe removed for repair (frost damage). Repair and refitting to be carried out this week.
  10. Primary screen removed from smoke box.
  11. Fire hole bottom protector plate removed.
  12. Drivers side injector pipework clips and brackets removed ahead of remaking the intermediate air ministry joints.

In addition to the above, JP joined us on Thursday afternoon to progress the electrical work on the coach.