North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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2nd and 3rd March 2021

Two extremely cold and dull days at Grosmont this week for Bill Dobson, Nigel Bill, Gordon Wells, Jon Bradley and Ian Pearson on Tuesday, and Bill Dobson, Ed Bolam, Trevor Wilford and Ian Pearson on Wednesday.

63395 measuring up pipe runs for new lubrication system - Ian Pearson

Over the two days -

  1. Both pistons were removed from the J27.
  2. The route for the copper pipes for the new axlebox lubrication system were planned and measured (see photo).
  3. Copper pipe was cut to various lengths and labelled ready for soldering and bending (see photo).
  4. The eight new oil pipe brackets were reshaped.
  5. Five sections of backplate were rubbed down but it was too cold for them to be painted.
  6. Four taper pins were fitted to the brake hangers.
  7. A new steel pipe was fabricated for the ash pan spray system by Trevor Wilford.
  8. Both little end oil pots were removed to check the oil flow and refitted.
  9. Eight holes were drilled into the frames for fitting the new oil pipe brackets.

63395 copper pipe for new lubrication system cut and labelled on 3 March 2021 - Ian Pearson

At the MPD the 9F was having an insurance steam test.