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11th March 2021


Since the last report there has been 5 working parties on the K1 (Scott M, Mike B, Angie, Charlie Woods, Chris Cubit and me all did at least one day). In addition JP has done another day working on the coach lighting.

The work undertaken was as follows:

  1. Both pistons (having been collected by Mike last Friday) refitted following final cleaning, dressing and fitting of rings.
  2. Piston packing followers, lense rings, springs and spring cups cleaned (both sides).
  3. RH piston rod reunited with crosshead.
  4. LH cylinder cover cleaned and prepared for refitting.
  5. LH crosshead shimmed.
  6. Driving wheelset hornstay bolt hole reaming completed, replacement bolts fitted and secured.
  7. Driving wheelset springs lifted into hangers.
  8. New cab lights ,including a lamp over the reverser indicator, fitted (by Charlie and Chris C).
  9. Machining new snifting valve completed (on my lathe at home).
  10. More filling and rubbing down carried out to repaired areas on the back of the tender.
  11. Rear draw gear removed. Draw bar (hook) die pen tested (ok) and delivered to Flavells for repair – from there it will go to Graythorpe Forge for normalising.