North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Sunday 28th March 2021


Here are some bullet points summarising jobs done since the last reports and current situation.

After the bore work is complete, we will have to rebuild the front end and both motions. (Lots of measuring, fitting and lifting heavy bits in very awkward positions to be done here).

After the insurance cold exam we will be busy preparing the loco for a steam test of course.

Aesthetic improvements to the loco of course including rectifying damaged paint. The Tender top paint needs sorting out as a means of protection, whereas other components may just require touching up as working members see fit..

Cylinder bore work

  • Nigel Crisp has finished setting up and completed a full cut if the RH bore on the 27th
  • Neal Woods has been organising the welding and machining of the pistons with Flavells, and making up of both sets of piston rings.

Boring machine set up in right hand cylinder - Chris Henwood

Cold Exam Preparation

  • Boiler Doors have all been cleaned up and examined.. all Four top doors have been sent away for building up.. these will be fettled to fit on return (is anybody reading this any good with a file!??)
  • Firebox has been cleaned and swept out, and tube plate oiled.
  • Safety valve bosses have be cleaned up.
  • The cab plugs threads have been cleaned up.
  • Gauge frame serviced and rodded through.

The clean fire box with clean roof stays and oiled tube plate - Chros Henwood

Other Stuff

  • Cab Gauges have been Calibrated and refitted.
  • Drivers Step has been removed and needs attention to the Woods itself and the hinges.
  • It was found that both supporting brackets were loose so these have been sorted out.
  • A Lower cab cleanup exposed varius loose brackets and even an oil feed Union nut completely loose from the thread, this has all been addressed.
  • Rear drawbar section is in the machine shop to size up the work required to rectify the damaged Thread and makeup a new Nut (does anybody have a 2 1/4 whitwork which is 4 inched across the flat, just lying around spare?)
  • Small ejector spindle removed as the threads are damaged, and the wooden handle is split (does anybody have a wood lathe?)

The steam heat and boiler gauges after calibration - Chris Henwood

Vacuum brake gauge after calibration - Chris Henwood

Thanks to

  • Neal Woods for Organising the work done to components away for repair.
  • Mike Bloomfield for driving to Various places around teeside picking up and delivering various parts for all of our locomotives.
  • Robson and Richard DS for their continued and very regular involvement!
  • Paul Hutchinson and Angie Buxton, Dr Ian the split pin destroying temperature taking locomotive driving Pearson and Bill Dobson for their regular support and advice.
  • Paul Taylor and James Pearcy for the time they have put in
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