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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Friday 9th April 2021

Friday 9th April 2021


The K1 completed its work on the NYMR on Wednesday afternoon. The loco generally performed well but there are a few items to attend to before it leaves for Fort William (currently scheduled for 19th April). The most significant job is to replace the RH leading side rod bush. The bush currently fitted is new but it is too short so must be replaced. We will be taking the RH rods off and pushing the existing bush out tomorrow and the NYMR should complete the new bush by Wednesday at the latest.

Work on the new coach lighting, battery box modifications and kitchen redecoration has progressed but there is still much to do.

Many thanks to Mike B, Scott M, Richie Worrall, Angie, Rich P, Rich De, Sammy T, Rolly, Kenny M, Chris H, JO and Les Harper who have all worked on the engine or coach recently.