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Livery Ballot Procedure

The following procedure for carrying out livery ballots on the Groups' locomotives was agreed at the AGM in May 1995 and replaces that set out in the original Articles of Association.

  1. A livery ballot will be held each and every time a locomotive has a major boiler overhaul, normally every ten years.
  2. The Committee will inform the membership via NELPG NEWS of its intention to hold a ballot
  3. All members entitled to vote will be allowed to vote, each and every such member will have one vote only.
  4. NELPG NEWS shall not promote any particular livery, unless with the unanimous consent of the Committee.
  5. The liveries to be balloted upon shall be correctly defined in NELPG NEWS.
  6. A ballot paper shall be issued to every member entitled to vote and shall be returned to the Secretary in a sealed envelope marked ‘Ballot Paper’.
  7. Envelopes shall not be opened until the prescribed ‘opening day’.
  8. Ballot results shall not be disclosed to any person before the agreed date, which will ensure that members are informed via NELPG NEWS and not via the railway press or any other means.
  9. The winning livery shall be the one with the most votes i.e. a simple majority.
  10. Not withstanding 9, if the result of the livery ballot clearly indicates, by at least 40% of the votes cast, a preference for another livery other than the winning livery, then the locomotive will be repainted in this livery towards the end of its boiler life (funds and labour permitting). The time spent in each livery shall be directly proportional to the votes cast, based on a ten year boiler life i.e. 40% would equate to the final four years.'