North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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30th May 2021


There is a lot to do on the both the Q6 and J27, on what is now the final week before both locos insurance 'in steam' exams.

If you are available to come along on Tuesday, please do get in touch with me.

We had a slight set back at the close of play on Saturday on attempting to fit the rear valve covers. the valve spindle in the fitted position is directly below the leading axle. We should have fitted the rear covers and then fitted the valves. Lesson learnt.

(When I say slight set back, it was actually incredibly frustrating. Not only did we have to remove the oil pipes and front covers again, as we attempted to move the valves gently to allow clearance between the rear spindle and the axle, the rings popped. Removing and re securing the valve rings will now make for a time consuming job which had already been done, and could have been avoided, at a time when we could have really done without it. alot of cursing occurred, and we promptly gave up and went to Robsons for a barbecue instead.)

Please read through the following jobs and let me know which you would like to be on with:

  • Remove both valves, clean up and prepare the rings for securing (paper/plastic to secure) fit the rear covers, fit the valves, fit the front covers.
  • Put a layer of sand in the smokebox, mix up some concrete and lay on top of the sand in the smokebox.
  • Fettle the remaining two boiler doors and blue in to the door holes. Fettle as required until there is a bit of blue all round.
  • Fit the big end brasses, fit the con rods, little end pin in. Associated bolts/cotters/split pins
  • Paint the rear draw bar section, clean up all draw bar and safety link pins and grease ready to re unite loco and tender
  • Fit front middle section of running plate infront of the smoke box, re fit vac pipe and steam heat pipe and valve.

I look forward to hearing from you.