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Q6 5 and 8/9/11 June 2021

On Saturday 5th, Bill Dobson and Ian Pearson were in attendance with Keith Grey from AWL NDT services who tested our main steam pipes welded flanges. All the welds tested OK and the steam pipes can now be fitted into the smokebox, a task to be undertaken by Barney and Nick from the MPD. Gordon Wells came in and lengthened the left hand gauge frame drain pipe and clamped it to the side of the frame. A water sample can now be taken without going underneath the locomotive.

Up at Deviation Shed, Bill Dobson, Nigel Bill, Trevor Wilford, and Ian Pearson were working on the Q6. Ian’s first job was to take 5428 to the station and swop it over with 80136 and bring it back to shed as 80136 can’t go to Whitby. Nigel Bill varnished all the cab wood seats and also cut extra threads on 5 smokebox bolts. Trevor set up a bench outside the south end of Deviation Shed and started dressing the vacuum exhaust pipe. Afterwards, with Ian’s assistance, Trevor fitted the 5 smokebox bolts which Nigel Bill had prepared. On his return, Ian removed the copper steam heat pipe in the cab which was in the wrong position. It also needed a redundant piece of pipe removing, and the steam heat pipe shortening and re -sealing which was to be done on Wednesday by Terry Newman. Bill Dobson worked mostly on the steam brake unit which was in two sections. This was almost joined together, but the final half inch would not seat, so, with Nigel Bill and Ian assisting, the top section of the brake valve was lifted up. Bill then found one of the four locating studs was slightly bent. This was straightened and the two sections were united and secured. It was now knocking off time and, after a tidy up, all retired to the Station Tavern for a well earned pint.

Wednesday was a stifling hot day and working in Deviation Shed were Bill Dobson, Steve Hyman, Ed Bolam, Nigel Hall, Neil Smedley (on a three hour drive from Nottingham), Tom Readman, Chris Lawson, Terry Newman and Ian Pearson.

Benches were set up again outside Deviation Shed at the south end, and Neil Smedley finished dressing the vacuum exhaust pipe, while Tom Readman dressed 5 long operating rods ie cylinder cocks, front damper, steam reverser, steam reverser indicator and front sands. These were all primed by Chris Lawson, and the vacuum exhaust pipe jointly primed by Chris and Neil. The dome was also dressed and then primed by Neil in the afternoon, while Chris cleaned and polished the cab gauges. Steve Hyman varnished one pressure gauge mount and polished one of the cab plaques before fitting three injector caps.

Terry came in and soldered the left hand trailing oil box pipes that feed the horn guides. He also removed and sealed the piece of pipe from the steam heat pipe which was not used for anything.

Bill spent a lot of time trying to connect the steam brake exhaust pipe to the steam brake valve but with no success. The copper pipe and it’s fitting may need replacing. Nigel Hall made great progress getting at all the awkward parts of the boiler with primer, and also fitted dust sheets between the frames and the bottom of the boiler. It’s now ready for undercoating. Ian and Ed fitted the rocking grate appliance to the ash pan, flogged up the 5 bolts that were fitted in the smokebox on Tuesday, and then fitted the steam heat pipes that Terry had modified. In the meantime, the MPD boilersmiths welded two plates, one either side of the ash pan, and started fitting the grate. It got a bit congetsed in the cab at times.

Today, Nigel Hall undercoated the boiler and dome cover although it was very hot and he needed to add quite a bit of linseed oil to stop the paint going too sticky too quickly. Jon Bradley also came in during the afternoon and gave another coat of varnish to the cab woodwork.

Nigel also reports that the wind was quite strong and that at about 16:30 there was one strong gust followed by an almighty bang. Jon went out to check and found that the stove chimney had been blown down and was lying on the roof. Further investigations next week.

Whilst all this activity was going on, the film crew teams were returning the MPD, 9F and Deviation Shed back to their original state from their filming disguises.