North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Saturday 12th June 2021


The J27 is back on 5 Road after the Loco and Tender were reunited yesterday (Saturday).

I am hoping that this weeks Q6 working party can be expanded and working members can be set on jobs on the J27 as well.

Finn Allen will also be continuing to work on our engine, and some of Chris Kelleys boiler team will be starting to box up the boiler early this coming week.

I will be in at some point on Monday, and then I will be in after work during the week when I can to get what I can done.

It would be great if anyone can work Tuesday and Wednesday, and liase with Ian Pearson and the Shed to organise doing one of the jobs that you are happy to crack on with.

Last Tuesday Paul Hutchinson, Les Harper and Ste Gibson worked on completing the work required on the locomotives motion and cylinder block. Finn Allen worked with them, and then he continued to progress the job during the week as well. Many thanks to the whole team, and for the MPD for allowing Finn to work on the loco.

Jobs still to do:

Drawgear and Buffer Beam

- two of the secondary link pins are to be replaced, one of the good pins (currently dropped in the tender side of the links) should make a good pattern to work off to make two others. P Middleton is getting B Neesham on the case. In the mean time, the other pins including the main drawbar pins can be secured and split pinned.

- The big drawbar Spring, retaining washer and Nut need to be fitted onto the drawbar and cottered up.

- water bags, vag bag, steam heat etc to be connected between loco and tender.

- the Buffer beam has two new bolts, but needs two appropriate nuts and washers signing out of the stores and fitting, then the whole are including headstock fittings needs fitting/nipping/split pinning.

- on completion, the whole beam needs painting!.


- Finn Allen has sourced a barrow load of broken brick arch for the smokebox, this is to be laid across the exposed cylinder block, and then covered with layer of concrete, which can be found on 4 Road in the running shed.


- two of the four boiler doors need fettling still, otherwise the loco is to be boxed up.

- The boiler inspector commented that there was a buildup of loose scale stuck in the stays above the throat plates front centre door hole, this may need to be quickly washed out first.

- The mud hole doors and plugs are in deviation shed, on the shelf on the right at the top of the stairs.

- The top doors including the 'unfettled' ones are in the locomotives cab.