North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Q6 - 22/23 June 2021

While I was struggling over the South Devon banks in the heat this week, Ian reports that Tuesday was also a fine sunny day at Grosmont with two teams at work. Firstly, Chris Henwood, Paul Hutchinson, Angie Buxton, Colin Smith, Richard Worrall and Finn Allen working on the J27's internal steam test, while Bill Dobson, Nigel Bill, Ian McCall, Nigel Hall, Gordon Wells, Trevor Wilford and Ian were working on the Q6. Colin Foxton called in during the afternoon for cuppa and a chat to see how thing were progressing.

In Deviation Shed the protective dust sheets were removed from the Q6 boiler to allow tidying up of the underside of the boiler cladding. More black gloss paint was then applied by Nigel Hall.

The front of the cylinder casting and cover were cleaned in readiness for fitting the new copper gaskets which arrived on Monday. These were annealed, then fitted, with the covers following using the hydraulic lifting table. Ian Selkirk and his assistant from Hogg Engineering came down and inspected the main steam pipe flanges which need machining so the Lenz rings will fit correctly. Having checked the position, and after discussion with Bill, the steam pipes were loaded up on to their truck and taken back to their works for machining.

Some welding jobs were also done. The back damper damaged bracket was removed and two lugs were welded on ready for drilling to allow the damper handle to be re-connected. A drive arm for the mechanical drive also had an extension welded on. Two copper gaskets for the J27 were annealed, ready to be fitted after the steam tests - these are now in store upstairs in Deviation workshop. Work carried on with the Q6 lubricator which was disconnected to allow oil to be pumped through the new pipe work to the new oil feed boxes on the rear axle boxes using the hurdy gurdy pump. The vacuum exhaust pipe and various operating rods were given a coat of black gloss paint.

Wednesday was another warm day with Bill Dobson, Nigel Bill, Steve Hyman, Ed Bolam, Nigel Hall and Ian Pearson present.

The rather heavy Q6 ejector exhaust pipe was fitted back onto the boiler and secured, with all hands assisting. In the smokebox, the four bolt holes in each steam pipe from the cylinder block were reamed out, making the new bolts a better fit. They had accumulated rust over time. In the cab, the ejector brake valve drain pipe was fitted, along with the wooden seating, although some securing bolts have to be fitted to complete this job. The rear damper bracket that was repaired on Tuesday was drilled and fitted to the damper door and then the operating handle from the cab fitted. The big end bearings were dismantled to allow a bump test. The test was successfully completed on the lefthand side: righthand to do next week. Filling and rubbing down of the outside of the cab was started.

The white board that was situated above the lathe has been moved and fitted to the outside wall at the south end of the workshop. Nigel Bill is going to acquire some marker pens .