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The items below are now available for immediate purchase and all proceeds directly support NELPG in the maintenance and overhaul of its locomotives.

Please identify any items you wish to purchase and then proceed to the bottom of the page to make a donation to the value of the items you require plus £3.50 per order for postage and packaging.  Please include the type (e.g. DVD or book) and items numbers of your required purchases (these appear at the start of each line) in the notes section when making your donation.


1 The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway in the Twentieth Century by Eric Mason Paperback vgc, some yellowing of pages £4

2 Seaport to seaside by John W. Graham Paperback vgc £7

3 The Elan Valley Railway by C.W.Judge Paperback vgc £8

4 Taken for a ride by Ivor Smullen Hardback 1st ed. vgc dust jacket vgc £8

5 Speed Records On British Railways by O.S.Nock Hardback 1st ed. vgc dust jacket vgc £10

6 Britian's Railways In World War One by J.A.B.Hamilton Hardback 1st ed. good cond dust jacket good some yellowing of pages £30

7 Rails to Port and Starboard by John W. Graham Paperback 1st ed. good cond some pages a little wrinkly possibly been damp £4

8 GWR Swindon Reminiscences by Eric R. Mountford Paperback good cond cover slightly worn £6

9 Scottish Locomotive History 1831 - 1923 by Campbell Highet Hardback 1st ed. fair cond dust cover missing £3.50

10 Great Western Locomotive Practice 1837 - 1947 by H.Holcroft Hardback 1st ed. fair cond dust cover corners torn some pencil notes inside £8

11 Lost Railways of Lancashire by Gordon Suggitt Paperback vgc £6

12 The Glasgow & South Western Railway 1850 - 1923 by SLS Paperback good cond £5

13 George Stephenson by Hunter Davies Paperback pages yellowing signs of use. £1

14 Signal Transport Papers - Mersey Railway Electric Stock by J.E.Cull Paperback fair cond £3 and B.J.Prigmore

15 The Malmesbury Railway 1877 - 1977 by D.M.Fenton Paperback fair cond cover slightly grubby £1.50

16 The Hayle, West Cornwall & Helston Railways by G.H.Anthony Paperback good cond £10

17 The Oxford, Worcs. & Wolverhampton Railway by S.C.Jenkins & H.I.Quayle Paperback 1st ed. good cond slight marks on cover £8

18 Little & Good The Great North of Scotland Railway by SLS Paperback 1st ed. vgc £5

19 British Steam Engines by Igloo books with intro by O.S.Nock Hardback excellent cond £4

20 Nothing Like It In The World - The Men Who Built The Transcontinental Paperback good cond £3 Railroad 1863 - 1869 by Stephen E. Ambrose

21 Rail Centres - Shrewsbury by Richard K. Morriss Hardback vgc ex library £6

22 Railway World Annual 1988 edited by Peter Johnson Hardback vgc £2.50

23 Rendel's Floating Bridges by Alan Kittridge Paperback as new cond £8

24 Steam Railways in Industry by Colin T. Gifford & Horace Gamble Hardback vgc dust cover vgc £4

26 Modern Private Owner Wagons on British Rail by David Ratcliffe Paperback vgc £5

27 Rail Tales of the Unexpected by Kenneth Westcott Jones Hardback 1st ed. as new cond dust cover vgc £2.50

28 Diesels on the Eastern by John Vaughan Hardback vgc £7

29 The World Encyclopedia of Locomotives by Colin Garratt Hardback vgc £3

30 The Guinness Book of Rail Facts & Feats by John Marshall Hardback vgc plastic covered dust cover £4

31 Steam Specials - British Rail's Return to Steam by Roger Siviter Hardback as new cond £4

32 Return to Steam - Steam Tours on British Rail from 1969 by David Eatwell Hardback vgc plastic covered dust cover £4 & John H. Cooper-Smith

33 The Railways Of The Manchester Ship Canal by Don Thorpe Hardback 1st ed. vgc signs of use on dust cover £25

34 Janes Railway Year 1981 edited by Murray Brown Hardback vgc £3

35 BBC book Locomotion by Nicholas Faith Hardback vgc £3

36 The Severn Valley Railway Stock Book 1980 Paperback good cond £1

37 The West Lancashire Railway by J.E.Cotterall Paperback vgc £5

38 The Kent & East Sussex Raiklway Stock Book 1987 Paperback vgc £5

39 The Bath to Weymouth Line by Colin Maggs Paperback used cond spine worn £8

40 Memories of the Southwold Railway by A.Barrett - Jenkins Paperback as new cond £5

41 Vale of Rheidol passenger guide 1971 Paperback vgc £1

42 The Oban Line an illustrated history & guide by Tom Weir Paperback used cond £1

43 Western Enterprise - The Journal of the BR Staff Assoc. Western Region Paperback fair cond £1 vol2 no.5 Spring 1969

44 The Nene Valley Railway Stock Book 1983 Paperback vgc £1

45 The Story of Cornwall's Railways by A.Fairclough Paperback vgc £2

46 Collection of various timetables,leaflets etc interesting used cond £1

47 The Tube. A book of interesting photos describing london Underground Paperback used cond spine slight damage £1

48 Reflections of the Great Western by R.J.Blenkinsop Hardback vgc plastic cover over dust sheet £5

49 Echoes of the Great Western by R.J.Blenkinsop Hardback vgc plastic cover over dust sheet £5

50 Silhouettes of the Great Western by R.J.Blenkinsop Hardback vgc plastic cover over dust sheet £3

51 Shadows of the Great Western by R.J.Blenkinsop Hardback vgc plastic cover over dust sheet £5

52 Great Western Stations by R.H.Clark Hardback vgc plastic cover over dust sheet £30

53 Garratt Locomotives of the World by A.E.Durrant Hardback good cond £10

54 Great Locomotives. Images from Ian Allan Trains Illustrated & Hardback vgc plastic cover over dust sheet Locomotives Illustrated £2.50

55 Last Years of Steam - Paddington to Wolverhampton by Laurence Waters Hardback good cond dust sheet edges crinkly £8

56 Jarrold Railway Series 6 Mainline Steam by D.C.Williams Paperback good cond £5

57 DOT Investigation into the Clapham Jcn. Railway Accident Paperback used cond £25 by Anthony Hidden QC

58 Steam around Derby by R.J.Buckley Paperback vgc £2

59 The Bluebell Railway souvenir guide book 1987 by Terry Cole Paperback vgc £1.50

60 The Bluebell Railways Historic Collection of Locomotives, Coaches & Paperback vgc £2.50 Wagons 2nd edition 1987 by Handel S. Kardas

61 British History Illustrated, Railway Special 1825 - 1975 Paperback vgc £3

62 Deltics at Work by Allan Baker & Gavin Morrison Hardback vgc £10

63 British Rail Through The Seasons by John Chalcraft Paperback vgc £3

64 The Severn Valley Railway colour guide 4th edition Paperback vgc £1

65 Great Little Trains of Wales Paperback vgc £1.50

66 BR Steam Surrender by Roger Siviter Hardback vgc £2.50

67 The World Guide to Model Trains Paperback vgc £2

68 BR in the Eighties by David St.John Thomas & Patrick Whitehouse Hardback good cond £8

69 The Industrial Railways of the Wigan Coalfield part 2 North & East of Wigan Hardback vgc £55 by C.H.A.Townley F.D.Smith & J.A.Peden

70 BR Diary 1948 - 1957 by Stanley Creer Hardback vgc £5

71 Severn Valley Steam by Sir Gerald Nabarro MP Paperback 1st ed.vgc plastic dust coat fine cond £5

72 The Mid Wales Railway by R.W.Kidner Paperback vgc £6

73 The Railways of Port Sunlight & Bromborough Port by M.D.Lister Paperback vgc £5

74 Narrow Gauge Locomotives The Baldwin catalogue of 1877 Hardback good cond £15 First printing of new edition 1967

75 The King's Highway in Craven. Being notes on the history of the Hardback excellent cond £15 Yorkshire portion of the Keighley & Kendal Turnpike Road by John J.Brigg

76 Railway Commercial Practice vol 2 Freight by H.F.Sanderson (Rare) Hardback pub 1952 good cond plastic dust cover £22.50

77 Railway Commercial Practice vol 1 General & Passenger by H.F.Sanderson Hardback pub 1952 good cond (Rare) dust cover torn £22.50

BUY No's 76 & 77 AS A 2 VOLUME SET FOR £40

78 Great Western locomotive Design A Critical Appreciation by John C.Gibson Hardback pub 1984 good cond £5

79 150 Years of Railway Carriages by Geoffrey Kitchenside Hardback pub 1981 excellent cond £3

80 Railways of Kimmeridge by Wilfrid F.Simms Paperback pub 1999 vgc £5

81 Forgotten Railways vol 1 North & Mid Wales by Rex Christiansen Hardback vgc £2.50

82 Essays in Steam by J.F.Clay Hardback 1st ed. fair cond no dust cover small ink stain to bottom of spine £5

83 Stephen Lewin & The Poole Foundry by Russell Wear & Eric Lees Hardback 1st ed. vgc £15

84 Forgotten Railways vol 2 Severn Valley & Welsh Border by Rex Christiansen Hardback vgc dust cover vgc £5

85 The Wrexham Mold & Connah's Quay Railway incl The Buckley Railway Hardback 1st ed vgc dust cover good £25 by James I.C.Boyd

86 Slates to Velinhelli The Railways & Tramways of Dinorwic Slate Quarries Paperback vgc £15 Llanberis & the Llanberis Lake Railway by D.C.Carrington & T.F.Rushworth

87 BR Diary 1968 - 1977 by Chris Heaps Hardback vgc £5

88 BR Diary 1978 - 1985 by John Glover Hardback vgc £5

89 Wells & Walsingham Light Railway guide book & history by K. Philbrick Paperback vgc £1

90 Midland Railway Centre stock book & guide Paperback vgc £1

91 Vale of Rheidol Light Railway by W.J.K.Davies Paperbook as new cond £2

92 British Steam Locomotives a Colourmaster publication Paperback vgc £1

93 Talyllyn Railway guide book Paperback vgc £1

94 Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway guide book Paperback vgc £1

95 Living with London Midland Locomotives by A.J.Powell Hardback 1st ed good cond slight curling to dust cover £6

96 The Pentewan Railway 1829 - 1918 by M.J.T.Lewis Paperback 1st ed. marks/wear consistent with use/age £10

97 The County Donegal Railways by Edward M.Patterson Pan Books paperback good cond some yellowing of pages £8

98 Lines to Avonmouth by Mike Vincent Paperback 1st ed good cond £5

99 Tales of the Glasgow & South Western Railway by David L.Smith Paperback fair cond £10

100 Road Transport Law 12th edition 1959 by L.D.Kitchen Hardback good cond £6

101 The Law of Transport by M.E.Holdsworth Hardback pub 1931 no dust cover wear consistent with use/age £8

102 The World's Railways by Christopher Chant Hardback vgc £5

103 West Midland A Railway in Miniature by Edward Beal (a modelling book) Hardback pub 1952 ex school library fair cond no dust cover £10

104 The Highland Railway by H.A.Vallance Paperback vgc £6

105 The Resilient Pioneers A History of the Elastic Rail Spike Co. by John Milligan Hardback 1st ed vgc £8

106 Reflections on the Portishead Branch by Mike Vincent Paperback 1st ed vgc £5

107 Early Wooden Railways by M.J.T.Lewis Paperback vgc £30

108 The Pocket Encyclopedia of British Steam Locomotives in colour by O.S.Nock Hardback as new cond £5

109 Popular Carriage 2 centuries of Carriage Design for road & rail Paperback vgc £2 by The British Transport Commission 1954

110 Bala Lake Railway a visitors guide by J.E.Casmpbell & C.M.A.Jackson Paperback vgc £1

111 Romney,Hythe & Dymchurch Railway a visitors guide by D &B. Smith Paperback vgc £1

112 Around India in 80 Trains by Monisha Rajesh Paperback fair cond £4

113 The Woodstock Branch by Richard Lingard Paperback vgc £1

114 The Metropolitan Line. A brief history, A London Transport Publication Paperback vgc £1

115 The Cleobury Mortimer & Ditton Priors Light Railway by M.R.C.Price Paperback excellent cond £5

116 Visitors guide to the Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway Paperback vgc £0.50p

117 Deltic Deadline. Journal no.32 April 1983 Paperback vgc £0.50p

118 The History of the Webb Orphanage Crewe Paperback vgc £0.50p

119 Conwy Valley Museum souvenir booklet inc. a brief history of railways Paperback vgc £0.50p

120 T' History o't Haworth Railway Paperback vgc £0.50p

121 An illustrated guide to the Dinting Railway Centre Paperback vgc £0.50p

122 Scottish Railways by J.Simmonds Paperback vgc £1

123 A Telford Tour by Rail by Bernard Ducket Paperback vgc £1

124 The Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Anthology by D.Hudson, drawings E.Leslie Paperback as new cond £3

125 Railways of Cumbria by Peter W.Robinson Paperback good cond £5

126 British Railway Tunnels by Alan Blower Hardback wear consistent with use/age £15

127 Atmospheric Railways by Charles Hadfield Paperback fair cond some creases to cover £15

128 Railways of Shropshire by Richard K.Morris Paperback vgc £4

129 Veterans in Steam by Colin Garratt Hardback excellent cond dust cover vgc £8

130 Transition from Steam Col. H.C.B.Rogers OBE Hardback as new cond £5

131 The Great Western Railway's Last Look Forward by Christian Barman Hardback excellent cond dust cover vgc £6

132 Steam Routes around Cheltenham,Tewkesbury,Winchcombe,Andoversford Paperback fair cond £8 by Stephen Mourton

133 To China For Steam by Robert Adley Hardback as new cond £3

134 Bedside Backtrack edited by David Jenkinson Hardback excellent cond £3

135 Train & Transport A Collectors Guide by Janice anderson & E.Swinglehurst Hardback vgc £5

136 The Encyclopedia of Model Railways Hardback vgc £3

137 AA book. The Lost Lines of Britain by Julian Holland Hardback as new cond £3

138 Steam Echoes. 25 years of the Great Western Society Paperback fine cond £4

139 The Great Days of the Country Railway by David St.John Thomas Paperback as new cond £3 & Patrick Whitehouse

140 Past & Present vol 1 no. 2 Paperback as new cond £1

141 Oliver Cromwell & BR Std. Pacific Locomotives by Rob Adamson Paperback as new cond £7

142 Scottish Railway Connections by Bob Crampsey Paperback as new cond £6

143 Steam Scene 1985 by Geoff Silcock & John Titlow Paperback as new cond £3

144 31 copies of Trains Illustrated:- no's 3,4,5,9,11,12,13,17,19,20,22,23,26,27, All copies in excellent condition 28,29,31,34,35,36,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48 £2 per copy

145 10 copies of Nene Steam. The magazine of Nene Valley Railway International All copies vgc £2 the lot from spring 1984 to winter 1987

146 3 copies of Steam in the Peak. The journal of The Peak Railway Society Ltd. All copies vgc £1 the lot no.'s 34,35,36 - summer,autumn,winter 1984

147 The Locomotives of the Great Western Railway. Paperback vgc £6 Part 13 preservation & supplementary information

148 Exploring the Stockton & Darlington Railway by P.W.B.Semmens Paperback vgc £5

149 The Story of Cornwall's Railways by A.Fairclough Paperback vgc £2

150 A collection of timetables, booklets & leaflets etc All in good condition £0.50p

151 Discovering Railwayana by Donald J.Smith Paperback good cond £3

152 London Transport Road & Rail Timetables from Sept.10th 1962 Paperback good cond some yellowing of pages £5

153 Time Off In The Lake District & The Yorkshire Dales. Hodder Guide Paperback 1st ed 1967 Some wear & yellowing consistent with use/age Very rare £20

154 The Cheshire Lines Railway by R.Prys Griffiths Paperback pub.1947 vgc £12

155 Cathedrals, Abbeys & Shrines of History & romance in the British Isles Hardback vgc dust cover worn £8 by W.H.Walton pub. by the L.M.S.Railway

156 The Locomotives of the Great Western Railway. Part 1 Preliminary Survey Paperback 1st ed vgc £10 Pub. by R.C.T.S

157 The Locomotives of the Great Western Railway. Part 2 Broad Gauge Paperback 1st ed vgc £10 Pub. by R.C.T.S.

158 The Locomotives of the Great Western Railway. Paperback 1st ed vgc £10 Part 8 Modern Passenger Classes. Pub. by R.C.T.S.

159 The Locomotives of the Great Western Railway. Part 11 Paperback 1st ed vgc £10 The Rail Motor Vehicles & Internal Combustion Locomotives. Pub by R.C.T.S.

BUY No's 156,157,158,159 AS A SET FOR £35



1 World's greatest railway journeys USA, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Australia, New Zealand 8 DVD set £5

2 World's greatest railway journeys USSR, Hungary/Romania, Czech/Poland, Zimbabwe/Namibia, S.Africa/China, Eastern & Oriental Express/Vietnam, Tunisia/Israel, India/Sri Lanka 8 DVD set £5

3 World's greatest railway journeys Western & Central Europe 8 DVD set £5

6 Steam Driver’s Eye View FeaturingLNER K1 62005 LORD OF THE ISLES - The Kyle of Lochalsh Line - 6 copies £2 ea

10 Steam the power & the glory 4472 & 46229 plus other famous locos from abroad £1

13 British steam Railways No.3 6100 Royal Scot £1

14 British Steam Railways No.4 35028 Clan Line £1

15 British Steam Railways No.6 Locomotion No.1 £1

16 British Steam railways No.7 King George V £1

17 British Steam Railways No.8 6201 Princess Elizabeth £1

18 British Steam Railways No.9 Rocket £1 £1

19 British Steam Railways No.10 Evening Star £1

21 British Steam Railways No.12 Lion £1

22 British Steam Railways No.13 Midland Compound No.1000 £1




2 Railscene no.4 summer 1985 Newslines, Cabride on 86257, Preservation @ The Great Central, Archive film of BR workings in the 1960's, News

5 Mainline '98 vol 2 Steam videos of these locomotives 60800, 45407, 45110, 6024, 4965, 34027, 35028, 73096, 60007, 65894, 48151, 48773,

6 GWR experience Sights and sounds of the old GWR

7 Railscene BTF omnibus Mainline diesel no. 10000 (1948), LMS engine on shed(1936), Single line working(1956), Royal Scot in Canada(1933)

8 Europe's railway heritage Harz mountain steam

9 Great Trains 3801 a legend Record speed run, unbroken run to melbourne, run to Perth 1970, overhaul in 1986, musical tribute

10 Great Trains steam on the S&C Brief history of S&C, footplate ride on 60007, films of Duchess of Hamilton, Lord Nelson & City of Wells

11 British steam showcase Nostalgic tour of British steam incl. Expresses, branch lines & miniature railways

12 Giant loads on the move BTF films - Giant load 1958, Ferry load 1960, Transport of Caerphilly Castle from Park Royal to Kensington Science Museum

13 Greast british trains Coronation Scot 1937, Elizabethan express 1954, Blue pullman 1960, Intercity 125 1982

14 Summer of '68 The last weeks of BR steam

15 Trains remembered no.3 Southern R/way, Carlisle station, Longmoor system, Swindon works, 150th anniversary of Festiniog, 4472 in USA

16 Southern R/way & its branches The birth and growth of a major network

17 A feast of steam Lots of steam, pre-grouping, the big 4, industrial & narrow gauge and BR std's

18 Steam at war A tribute to the railways efforts during WW2 at home and on the Continent, films of surviving examples of locomotives

20 Great trains steam on parade Films of steam celebrations from various countries around the world

21 The railway magazine A century of steam & 50 years of diesels

22 National Geographic The great Indian railway

23 Best of british steam Wales. Ffestiniog, WHR, Bala lake, Llanberis, Corris, Talylln

24 The british steam train All our yesterdays. GWR kings, SR King Arthurs,LNER no.10000 LMS coronation scot, shunting at march, GWR test rig at swindon

25 The steam era no. 3 Steaming back to Marylebone featuring 60007

26 The glory of steam East Germany discovered

27 Steaming on The driving force 1966, Rail 150 1975, This is York 1953

28 Greta Trains Age of Steam Mount Rainier steam railroad, aboard 1930 Heister West Coast Special

29 Around the world in search of steam The life and travels of Colin Garratt

30 Celebrating 50 issues of Heritage Railway 75 minutes of action packed mainline and preserved line running

31 Ghost trains of the old west Steam railroads of the old west

32 Trains remembered no.1 DMU's, tanks in the 30's, A4's in black, 78 electrics, Belfast 5ft 3in line, many 1950's scenes

33 Trains remembered no.2 Branch lines, Kings X A4's A2's & N2's, 76 electrics, Kingmoor, specials from Marlebone incl. 4472 & 60007

34 LMS steam Lots of locos incl. 41241, 46203, 41708, 46229, 44871, 46443, 5025, 47357, 5305, 48151, 45596, 53808, 6201, 53809

36 Steam video Dec'93/Jan@94 no.11 Mainline steam news. events, Southern steam, A4 in Scotland, Archive showcase, Night session on SVR, Steam showcase

37 The glorious days of Express steam A nostalgic look back at the great days of British steam

39 Vintage rails The Norfolk & Western Railway, different classes at scenic spots in Virginia, West Virginia & Ohio

40 Vintage steam no.3 Engines working in Argentina

41 The World's fastest trains Films of trains from various countries

42 The glory of steam on LMS lines Lots of LMS locos featured incl. Kolhapur, George Stephenson, 8F's, Ivatt 2-6-0's, Jintys, 46229, 6201

43 The power of steam A4's 60007 & 60009, KWVR, NYMR, Britannia and steam from various continental railways 2 COPIES

44 British Steam The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

45 Railway heritage steam supreme Locos from various preserved lines feature incl. 4472, 34027, 30072

46 The golden age of steam How signals work, loco maintenance, on the footplate, being a driver

47 Waterloo & Waterloo - Bournemouth Steam action at waterloo, steam heading south to Bournemouth

48 Railway heritage Archive british diesel and electric traction vol 1

49 Railway heritage British steam in the 50's and 60's vol 1

50 Scenic railways of the world USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru

51 Scenic railways of the world Egypt, India, China, Thailand, Australia

52 Scenic railways of the world Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy

53 Archive british steam, bygone days vol 2 working steam locos on british railways in the 50's & 60's

54 B&R video vol 30 farewell to steam 1968 The last workings at Chequerbent & Padiham, and lots of other locns

56 World steam today Eastern Europe and Africa

57 The train now departing The holiday line, steam on the IOM, the survivors

58 The Titfield Thunderbolt Film

60 Great trains from steam to diesel The Texas state railroad incl a 1911 Baldwin steam loco, Yankee diesels

62 Great steam locos of Great Britian Black 5's 5025, 5000, 5231, 5305, 5407, 44767, 54528, 44871, 44932

63 Railway Roundabout 1958 The Bristolian, steam on the Lickey incline, Irish narrow gauge, Southampton harbour, Hayling Island, cardigan branch, last train from Abergavenny to Merthyr

64 Railway Roundabout 1959 GER E4 at Cambridge, Wye valley line closes, Fort William to Mallaig, Midland compound no. 10000, Worcs. branch line, Brighton Belle, Visit to Kings X shed

65 Railway Roundabout 1960 2 Dukedogs to barmouth, T9 to tavistock, Cromford & High Peak, Visit perth shed, Gordon Highlander on the Spey valley line, Trains at Newcastle, Trains at York

66 Railway Roundabout 1961 Bath to Evercreech jcn., Lancs & Yorks special, Last train to Ffestiniog from Bala, Welsh narrow gauge, Severn & Wye in Forest of Dean, Locos of London Transport, Swindon locos 3440, 2516, 4003


When making your donation below, please ensure you include the item numbers and type (e.g. book or DVD) in the notes section and ensure you tick 'Share your mailing address' so we know where to send the item.

Please also add £3.50 to your donation to cover postage and packaging.

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