North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Q6 - 24/25 August 2021

Ian reports a warm but mostly cloudy day at Grosmont on Tuesday with Bill Dobson, Nigel Bill, Trevor Wilford, Nigel Hall, Gordon Wells and Ian all present.

With the Q6 now in the running shed, the jobs undertaken were:

  1. 1New axle box lubricator actuating arm was modified and the running plate foot step bracket removed. It is in the process of being reshaped to allow the new drive shaft free movement.
  2. New axle box lubricator R1 pipe was tested to see if it was supplying oil to the righthand leading axle box. This test was completed successfully.
  3. Some cab fittings were checked and tightened up - mainly the clack box air ministry joints which have been double nutted.
  4. Some oiling was carried out. All brass boxes were checked for trimmings, then filled with oil. Piston rod and slide bar oil pots filled. The lefthand coupling rods with little end and big end bearing oiled. Righthand side coupling rods and con rod still to oil.

Ian Pearson tightens the cab fittings - Nigel Hall

At Deviation Shed, various items were removed from Nos 6/7 walkway, then the top end was painted. In the workshop, most of the small plastic storage drawers have now had their contents labelled, which will save a lot of time searching for items. Spare locomotive gauge frame protectors were cleaned, black lines painted onto the white background, and also a spring fitted to one to allow the back plate to close firmly.

Wednesday was another warm cloudy day for Bill Dobson, Steve Hyman, Ed Bolam, Colin Smith and Ian Pearson.

In Deviation Shed all the old flaking paint was removed from the pit walls by Colin Smith (see photo) then painted with white emulsion paint . A good third of the pit has been painted.

Deviation Shed - a happy Colin Smith scraping off loose paint in the pit before repainting on 25 August 2021 - Ian Pearson

Down at the running shed, the following was done:

  1. More cab fittings were tightened up, along with the steam pipe from the manifold to the blower and the steam brake securing bracket.
  2. Steam pipe from manifold to vacuum ejector was lagged and secured with jubilee clips.
  3. The axle box lubricator actuating arm was dressed and fitted onto the lubricator. It was then attached to the drive shaft which obtains its drive from the cylinder oil lubricator.
  4. Under the engine, some eccentric rod taper pins were removed, shortened, then refitted.
  5. Tender axle box covers were removed to inspect the oiler pads but the pads would not come out. The tender will have to be jacked up a little later.

The Q6 was moved onto the pit road in the running shed. Weighing is planned to start today, Thursday 26th.

Deviation Shed - Ian Storey cutting his birthday cake on 25 August with wife Sheila and Bill Dobson - Ian Pearson

Ian Storey and Sheila called in to see the locomotive and have a chat. As it was Ian’s birthday, Bill brought a lemon drizzle cake with one candle lit for Ian to blow out (I am not saying how many there should have been!). Having successfully done so, he cut the cake (see photo), while everyone sang Happy Birthday.