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Q6 - 28/29 September 2021

Ian reports a definite change to Autumnal weather on Tuesday, with a cold start but warming up later. Braving the weather were Bill Dobson, Trevor Wilford, Jon Bradley, Nigel Hall and Ian Pearson.

During the day, the following jobs were carried out:

  • Concrete mixed and put into the base of the Q6 smokebox on top of a layer of broken brick arch. This will give a smooth surface when removing ash.
  • Two new gaskets were made for the ejector exhaust pipe at the smokebox end and fitted - one on the inside pipe and one on the outside pipe.
  • The wooden beading around the cab roof was given a coat of black gloss paint.
  • The regulator gland follower and stuffing box were cleaned in the grit blaster.
  • In the cab the MPD fitters have been employed removing the old studs from the follower and stuffing box. New studs are to be fitted: the longer follower studs are being made by Martin Ashburner.
  • Other MPD fitters worked on one of the air ministry joints under the cab on the driver's side.
  • The MPD was to tack weld 18 nuts onto the smokebox spark arrester fittings.

In the workshop Nigel completed painting the floor area. Outside Deviation Shed, the top of the stove chimney that fell off some time ago was removed. A piece of old flue tube has been cut to size for fitting onto the existing chimney and some steel strip acquired to make some fixing brackets/stabilizers. Andy Whiffin is being contacted to come and fit the extension. The compressor at Deviation Shed was serviced by Bob Fussey. He wanted to use the compressor to do some work on the Class 25 but found it was in a poor state with both pulley belts almost sheared. Two new belts were fitted and various other remedial work was done, so many thanks to Bob.

Wednesday 29th was a fine cool sunny day with Bill Dobson, Steve Hyman and Ed Bolam present. In the cab, the MPD fitters removed the stubborn studs from where the stuffing box is fitted. Other MPD fitters disconnected the whole of the ejector exhaust pipe at the smokebox end and then, at the cab end, tightened the ejector union to make a steam tight seal before refitting the pipe at the smokebox end. In the meantime, our team started to assemble the spark arrester components and fit them inside the smokebox. However, they found it wasn't an easy job to assemble in such a cramped area, and then had to remove the ejector exhaust pipe in the smokebox which had just been refitted by the MPD fitters. This work is still to complete next week.

Subsequently, on Thursday, investigation of a steam leak from the right hand side cylinder found that it was caused by the long standing crack in the cylinder. It runs across one of the stud holes, and whilst the crack itself has not spread, the stud, after careful tightening, has pulled out of the casting. The metal stitching company is coming on Monday morning to inspect and hopefully rectify matters.