North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Q6 - 19/20 October 2021

A wet but very mild day for October on Tuesday at Grosmont for Bill Dobson, Gordon Wells and Ian Pearson. As Ian was on his own for a while at the start of the day, he set up a table in Deviation Shed to put out all our electrical equipment that requires PAT testing, ready for when the electrician comes. As he was about to start, Caron Webster (who is apparently leaving as Head of NYMR Finance), came in looking for a job, so she moved most of our equipment onto the table and later cleaned all the grease and grime from the righthand cylinder copper ring. Thanks to Caron for that contribution.

Bill had been notified by Team Industrial Services that they would be machining the face of the cylinder on Saturday 23rd, so Ian then started to remove the twenty cylinder cover studs. They took some effort to remove but, with some help from Gordon and Chris Henwood, eventually eighteen were successfully removed. But there were two which even the strong arm shed fitters couldn’t remove - a job for the next day. Andy Whiffin, the local building contractor, also called to check out the fitting of our stove chimney extension, and also the sealing of some leaks in Deviation Shed roof. He plans to come in on Saturday morning (23rd) to carry out the work . Bill Dobson, Ian Pearson and Ed Bolam will be present for both.

On Wednesday, there was a surfeit of riches, with Bill Dobson, Steve Hyman, Ed Bolam, Nigel Hall, Nigel Bill, Chris Lawson and Ian Pearson all in attendance on a cold but fine morning, which turned into heavy rain around lunchtime.We also had a visitor, David Potter, a railway director and professional engineer, who was interested in getting involved and helping the Group in some way. As a result of conversations with us, he intends to become a member and hopes to come back to Grosmont for next Wednesday's working party with his overalls.

All our ladders and steps now come under the MPD inspection system, the latest of which was carried out during the day. We did have five sets of ladders when it started, but, after the inspection, three sets have been scrapped due to various faults. We also had two sets of steps, one of which has also had to be scrapped. All were cut in half and put into the skip. Please note when using ladders in future, make sure they are safe and have the current colour tag fitted - it is shown on the back of the workshop door.

On the Q6, both cylinder studs left in from Tuesday were removed by MPD staff - nuts had to be welded on to remove them. All the cylinder studs were then cleaned by Ed Bolam and Steve Hyman and a die nut run down each one. The tender tank was filled with water and last week's fire remains removed and ash pan cleaned out. In the cab, the wooden cover over the lefthand sandbox lid was varnished by Steve Hyman. The copper ring from the cylinder was annealed.

Just as the rain started, the locomotive was shunted onto the pit so some modifications could be made to the horn guide pipework by adding a piece of flexible pipe to allow oil to be accurately delivered in spite of the up and down movement of the locomotive, and without the more rigid copper pipe being damaged. Only two pipes were successfully modified in the pouring rain, which soaked all concerned, before No 29 needed to be on the pit, and the Q6 had to be put back into the running shed. Hopefully this work will be completed next week when the weather might also be better.