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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Q6 - 24/25 November 2021

Q6 - 24/25 November 2021

Ian Pearson reports a cold fine day at Grosmont on Wednesday, but with just David Potter and Jon Bradley joining Ian. Bill had had to rush off to Scotland at short notice for family business.

David worked on the axle box lubricator all day and completed the rebuild. L1 pump had the original thimble installed as the new one would not fit. The lubricator was tested satisfactorily and delivered oil from all eight oil lines. Jon continued to work around the new gate area, fitting concrete slabs and building up the step at the front of the access route. There is still more work for Jon to do in this area next time. Ian fitted the pressure gauges in the cab. The metal plate that Steve Hyman made last week had a stabilisation bar welded to the underneath side and then was fitted around the lefthand tender water valve. The tender to loco water hoses were connected by the shed staff.

Thursday saw Ian at Grosmont again, but on a cold slightly drizzly morning. The Q6 had been shunted outside the MPD on No 5 Road with a hose connected to the injector overflow pipe filling the boiler. He then set the fire. After the boiler had sufficient water, the hose was transferred to the tender. The warming fire was then lit. As Lucie and No 29 were inside the shed on No 5 Road and were ready for moving outside, the Q6 was shunted round to the water column and filled. It was then moved out of the way at the east side of Deviation shed on the wheel drop road. Ian managed a couple of jobs lagging the copper pipe that feeds the ash pan spray. He then fitted a couple of jubilee clips to the rubber extension pipes that feed oil to the horn guides. Later, with the warming fire burning nicely, the Q6 was returned outside the MPD on No 5 Road ready for a steam test today (Friday 26th).