North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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3rd December 2021


We have three broken stays side stays, at the right hand side, back, top of the j27s firebox.

The repair to this must be completed before the loco can be steamed again, this means we will see our December running reduced or likely lost altogether.

The broken stays were identified during the firebox inspection, following an otherwise routine 28 say exam and washout. After an initial discussion with the MPD to formulate a plan, Nick Simpson gave us a detailed quote for the full job to give an idea of what the financial outlay of the entire repair would be if MPD were to do it without any NELPG volunteer input at all. (everything from removing the first bolts to the specifics of the boiler stay work itself and post repair hydraulic and steam testing, right down to for instance, the labour cost and materials for touch up the paint after the job is finished.)

The figure quoted is within the j27s winter budget, but would be a significant portion of it.

Although ultimately we can afford the work to be contracted to the MPD, any work we do as volunteers will reduce the financial outlay for our group, and for us as working members it should prove to be a full on and interesting project to be a part of.

Work has already started.

After lunch on Wednesday, Ian Pearson and his team made a start was made on dismantling the J27 cab ready for its removal so the boilersmiths can remove the broken stays. All the cab side windows were removed and are stored in the Deviation Shed workshop upstairs. Then the fireman’s seat was removed, while the gauge glass fittings were removed a couple of weeks ago in separate containers L/H & R/H. These items are stored upstairs in the Deviation Shed workshop on shelf 8b. Then a start was made on removing the countersunk bolts from the cab sides, with quite a few from each side being removed, but a lot more to do.

The MPD have been authorised to start on the job as well - as per the quote - less the labour hours and materials we can provide. Working together in this way will ensure the job will get done, at a cost that will be ever reducing with the amount we can do ourselves.

This is of course on top of the winter work we already had planned, so there is a lot to do before the end of March.

The regular Grosmont working parties are on a Wednesday but you are more than welcome to come and work on the locomotive any day of the week! Always a good atmosphere on shed, kettle is always on, just let Ian Pearson, any of the MPD managers, or myself know if you're coming along, it would be great to see you.

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