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5th December 2021


Dismantling of K1 continues. As at 4th December all external boiler fittings had been removed with the exception of the superheater header, which, after a bit of a fight, is now ready to be lifted out. Some needle gunning and painting of the backplate and outer wrapper has taken place but progress here has been hampered by the weather which has not been brilliant of late.

On the loco frames the wheelsets are now ready for removal, all coupled wheel springs having being removed as have the axlebox flexi lub pipes and half of the hornstay bolts. The cab floor has been removed to allow cleaning of the drag box area and the mechanical lubricators and steam heat cocks have also been removed for overhaul/servicing. All loco brake hangers and tables have also been removed with all associated pins and bushes being checked and work identified.

Examination and dye penetration testing of all superheater "T" bolts, spring hangers bolts and spring buckle pins has also been completed.

Many thanks to Robby Ellis, Lizzy Fielding, Rolly Bingham, Chris Henwood, Frank Hryniewicz, Angie Buxton, Steve Gibson, Les Harper and Mike Bloomfield, all of who have worked on the engine since the last report.

Overhaul preparation work will continue during December, in particular it is hoped to have all tubes and flues removed by the end of the year so, membership approval permitting, an immediate start can be made on the overhaul proper at the start of the year.

I would be delighted to hear from anyone wanting to be involved in any capacity - there is plenty of work to be done across all skill levels.