North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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J27 - 22 December 2021


Ian reports a cold fine day at Grosmont on Wednesday with Steve Hyman, Ed Bolam and himself.

A few jobs were carried out on the J27. Steve Hyman dressed more metal off the mushroomed end of the righthand hand rail, then dressed most of the paint from its entire length (see photo). Ed Bolam removed the small sun roof which had the inside wooden panel broken. The wooden panel was replaced with new timber and its opening handle refitted. This was rubbed down and is waiting to be stained and varnished (see photo). Ian worked on the driver's side spectacle window which would not fit in its recess due to the cab metal fouling the window. He filed an amount of metal off and now the window fits snugly, although it will need a securing pin making. Some tidying of the workshop benches was also done.

65894 sunroof repaired on 22 December 2021 and ready for varnishing and refitting - Ian Pearson

65894 handrail dressed on 22 December 2021 ready for repainting once stay repair completed - Ian Pearson

The NYMR boilersmiths have completed the removal of all 4 stays which were drilled, reamed and tapped (see photo).

65894 - 4 broken stays removed and drilled, reamed and tapped on 22 December 202 -. Ian Pearson. NELPG

As this is his last report for 2021, Ian wishes everyone a happy Christmas and all the best for a healthy and successful 2022.