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Tuesday 18th January 2022


We worked on the K1 for 4 days last week.

All of the tubes and flues have now been removed from the boiler (bar one small tube left in to uses as a step). The barrel has been swept out and is now ready for needle gunning internally.

The weather was much better last week so we managed to needle gun the superheater header, clean off more of the rust and scale from the outer wrapper and barrel and apply a coat of paint (now about 40% complete). The chimney also received a coat of protective paint.

Away from the boiler and associated bits all of the tender spring hangers and spencer blocks have been removed and cleaned before we decide what to do with the hangers. We have budgeted for replacement but we will have a good look at them before a final decision is made in this regard. All of the tender brake pull rod split pins have been removed ready to drop the rods and a bit more progress has been made in throughly cleaning the piston valve heads.

Top row LtoR Stve Gibson, Rowly Bingham, row 2  Lizzy Fielding, Robbie Ellis, Chris Henwood and Angie Buxton - Paul Hutchinson

Many thanks to Frank Hryniewicz, Angie Buxton, Chris Henwood, Steve Gibson, Lizzy Fielding, Robbie Ellis and Rolly Bingham who have all worked on the loco since the last report. All but Frank are on the attached photo taken from inside the K1's boiler on Saturday.