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J27 update 6th Febtruary 2022


Tues 18th January

Paul Hutchinson, Angie Buxton and myself set about measuring the j27's drawbar. We split loco and tender, with help from Paul Wickham and James Butterworth. Paul and Angie took the drawbar away and then Mike Bloomfield delivered the drawbar to Greythorpe forge for straightening, shortening, and normalising.

Weds 19th January

Robson Hewitson removed the left hand side little end pin and big end taper pins, then had the connecting rod lowered out.

Fri 21st January

Richard de Sadeleer achieved the same connecting rod work but on the right hand side. James Butterworth and I joined him later on to remove both big end brasses and straps ready for measuring.

In the meantime:

  • NYMR Boilersmith Tom Leech has fitted the new boiler stays.

New side stays ready for fitting - Chris Henwood

The new stats fitted between firebox and wrapper sheet. Chris Henwood

  • The loco will be shunted down to the running shed to have the stay work finished, and be returned to Deviation shed afterwards.
  • Nigel Hall has been busy preparing the Tender Front and the Buffer Beams for painting.
  • Richard de Sadeleer has since been back on shed to cleanup and assemble the big end brasses. He then measured both brasses and the crank journals (oh dear). I am going to get Barry Neesham to machine these, unless anyone from the group has other ideas?

The reassembled big end brasses ready for measurment - Chris Henwood

The boiler is essentially ready for the cold exam, but there is still a lot to do on the essential and non-essential winter jobs lists.

Last Updated on Monday, 07 February 2022 12:08