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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Tuesday 15th February 2022

Tuesday 15th February 2022


We have worked on the K1 7 days since the last update. On the boiler we have now finished needle gunning the outer barrel, wrapper and back plate, two necked studs have been removed from the LH clack box pad and the remainder have been die nutted. The LH expansion bracket has been removed (mainly by Steve G in the pouring rain - what a star) and the nuts have been removed from the RH bracket. Further stay head removal and drilling has taken place and we have continued needle gunning the inside of the barrel. Most of the remaining exterior smokebox fittings have also been removed and two sheared crinoline mounting studs have been drilled out and the holes re-tapped.

On Friday gone the independant boiler NDT was undertaken, with a good few hours prep the day before. Only one problem we were not expecting so a pretty good result overall. The superheater header and steam pipes were thickness tested and found to be suitable for further service. Having said that the header will probably need significant work or replacement at the next overhaul. The suspected fracture in the 'J' pipe was also confirmed with a mag particle test.

On the mechanical side a good start has been made on needle gunning both cylinders with only a few nooks and crannies to finish off. They can then be Die Pen tested. Removal of the valve heads has been completed and they have been tittivated where needed. They can be refitted when the valve rods have been trued.

Many thanks to Angie Buxton, Steve Gibson, Mike Bloomfield, Frank Hryniewicz and Ashley Moor who have all worked on the K1 since the last report.