North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Progress 5th March 2022


We had a good day on Saturday 5th March with 7 of us from NELPG/NYMR making significant progress made all round.

  • Con Rods, Con Rod strap taper pins, Gudgeon Pins, Safety Links and pins, Main Drawbar Pin and cleaned and Dye Penetration tested.
  • Cylinder block steam oil feeds checked
  • Back Head exam finished
  • Crank Caps shimmed appropriately with new taper pins made up and fitted.
  • Back Head exam completed
  • Machined 'Big End' brasses delivered from West Coast.

It was great to see recently retired membership secretary Colin Smith, Working member James Shuttleworth and NYMR volunteer Davey McEwan who spent the day cleaning up everything that required non destructive testing. This work was completed with no faults found, and left us with a kit of parts for next week, when we can get both con rods back between the frames and refit the brasses and little end pins.

Robson Hewitson worked on making up shims for the crank pin caps, Flogged them up and made up Taper Pins to suit.

Richard de Sadeleer removed the oil pipes and the connections directly into the cylinder block, and had the lubricator turned to prove each one, these were found to be satisfactory. It will be interesting to see how the cylinder bores have faired up from the Re-boring and lubrication adjustment last year, after a couple of seasons when we do a Piston and Valve exam this coming winter.

Ian Pearson cleaned up and oiled the driving Cranks, and then had a look over the locos oil trimmings.

The backhead exam was also completed, but we are awaiting the completion of a new blower spindle to fit.

Boilersmith Tom Leech gave the J27's boiler a hydraulic squeeze today (Monday) to identify any further work that may need to be done in readiness for its inspection by the insurance company next week. The regulator was found to pass, as did the whistle isolation and two of the gauge frame isolation packings. I am hoping that Ian and Bill can spare some working members already attending this week to assist Tom.

The regulator cover is to be removed to cap the regulator, the whistle is to be removed, boss cleaned and then blanked, and the leaking klinger packings in the gauge frame to be addressed.

We are getting there, if we can get a steam test in as soon as possible after a successful hydraulic inspection, it shouldn't be long before we can have a hot exam, refit the Cab roof, and then enter traffic once again.

Last Updated on Thursday, 10 March 2022 12:05