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K1 update 5th April 2022


We have worked on the K1 for 3 days since the last report.

Inside the firebox pilot holes have been drilled into the copper side of all throat plate stays and most of the foundation ring rivets where we had previously removed their heads, have been knocked out using Chris Beets "rivet buster". Many thanks to Chris for the loan of this. Just a few very stubborn rivets left to get.

Removal of all 9 palm stays has also been completed and more needle gunning of the barrel interior has been carried out (nearly there now).

On the frames more LH cylinder bolts have been checked and found to be ok and had new washers and nuts fitted. All sands pipe brackets have been removed and cleaned.

In addition to the above the condition of the tender spring hangers has been assessed and a decision made to renovate rather than replace. We will be seeking quotes for this work very shortly.

Many thanks to Angie Buxton, Lizzy Fielding, Steve Gibson, Mike Bloomfield, Rolly Bingham and Robbie Ellis who have all worked on the loco since the last update.