North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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J27: 13 - 16 March 2022


A busy three days at Grosmont this week, with the J27 hydraulic test on Wednesday and the Q6 steam tests on Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday was a fine mild day at Grosmont for our regular working party, with Bill Dobson, Nigel Hall, Chris Lawson, and Ian Pearson.

Nigel worked all day making a new piece of cladding for the J27, cutting to size, grinding, and putting a slight bend into the cladding sheet.

Wednesday 16th was Q6 steam test day with the Bureau Veritas boiler inspectors. Those present to witness the event were Bill Dobson, Steve Hyman, Nigel Hall, David Potter, and Ian Pearson

SteveĀ  assisted Nigel in the manufacture of the J27 replacement section of cladding sheet, also making up new crinoline pieces to attach the sheet back in situ.

Meanwhile, the J27 had a successful hydraulic test and is now back in the running shed, with half a glass of water ready for this weekend's working party which Chris Henwood is organising.

Chris Henwood says:

The loco had its Hydraulic exam following the boiler stay work today with representitives from the Insurance company present.

All went well, but now we really must push to get the loco ready for a Steam Test before its hot exam. Boiler prep aside, we must also crack on with getting the kit of parts that is the locomotives motion back together, and prepare to reunite loco and tender, and ultimately fit the Cab.

There is alot to do, and although I am already looking forward to a good weekend with the regular j27 group, we really could do with some extra hands. The loco won't run until its done and the more worker members we have the faster this can be achieved of course.

There is alot of fairly technical/heavy/interesting work to be on with; fitting big ends, con rods, safety valves, regulator/reg cover/dome to fit, an ejector to service, small primer painting jobs to do on the safety links, brake rigging to grease and much more.

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