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J27 22 - 24 March 2022


Lovely fine sunny Spring days this week for a change, with the hedgerows starting to green up and daffodils in abundance at the road sides. On Tuesday, Bill Dobson, Terry Newman, Gordon Wells, Chris Lawson (who did not arrive until lunchtime) and Ian Pearson benefited from the good weather.

After lunch, Paul Hutchinson brought the J27 drawbar back after some rectification work, mainly by shortening it by about 3/4 inch and building up around the tender pin hole. The drawbar has been NDT tested at the foundry. Chris set up the drawbar on the table in Deviation Shed, gave it a quick clean with emery paper, then a coat of black primer. He also cleaned up the main Deviation Shed nameboard on the line side of the building. He will deal with the frame on future visits.

Wednesday was more of the same weather wise, with Bill Dobson, Steve Hyman, Ed Bolam, Trevor Wilford, Jon Bradley and Ian Pearson.

Steve carried on where Nigel left off last week with the replacement section for the J27 cladding sheet. Four new pieces of thin steel plate have been drilled, tapped, and the side pieces bent slightly. They are now ready to be fitted when required. Ed cleaned the J27's drawbar fixing pin and got it NDT tested. He then cleaned the front of the J27 tender area and removed lots of coal dust and rubbish from where the drawbar fits, cleaned the rubbing block and greased it. Jon gave the J27 drawbar a second coat of black paint.

Steve reports:

All the crinoline plates for the patch have now been drilled and tapped, with the smaller vertical plates bent to provide the appropriate curvature prior to tapping out.

I checked the orientation of the patch plate on the boiler and have marked it up to show top, bottom, left and right but it shows a different orientation to that suggested by Nigel in the e-mail. This needs to be checked before any further work is done as per the instructions.

Last Updated on Monday, 11 April 2022 22:01