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K1 update 27th April 2022


Following the unplanned break in our activities at Carnforth owing to covid we got back to 'normal' last week with working parties over 4 days. Angie and I had also done a couple of days over the Easter weekend.

Since the last report the coach workshop has had a good tidy and the white board rearranged. Some minor joinery repairs have also been carried out to one of the guards doors.

On the boiler/firebox some of the stubborn foundation ring rivets have been removed (still 17 to do though) all throat plate/barrel rivets have had their heads burnt off and all but 16 punched out. The 16 that are left will need drilling out. More needle-gunning has also been carried out to the interior of the barrel.

Unfortunately, while the new copper plate for the firebox sides has been ordered there is a much longer lead time on delivery than originally anticipated. This means that we have re-ordered some of the work (to minimise the delay to the completion of the boiler overhaul) by bringing the roof stay replacement forward. A start has therefore been made on removing the stays that are to be replaced. Despite the delay in getting the copper plate the intention is still to complete the whole overhaul by April next year.

On the mechanical side all of the LH cylinder bolts have now been checked. A total of 18 are to be replaced - new oversize bolts will be ordered shortly. They will be turned down to size when their holes have been reamed true.

In addition to the above the centre section of the cab roof has been removed so that we can replace the heavily corroded beading bar around the centre section appeture and deal with corrosion to the cab roof platework in the same area. The whistle operating rods and cross shaft have also been removed for renovation.

Many thanks to Angie Buxton, Lizzy Fielding, Steve Gibson, Mike Bloomfield, Frank Hryniewicz and Rolly Bingham who have all worked on the loco since the last update.