North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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J27 20 July 2022


Because of the forecast heatwave last Tuesday, the planned working party was postponed until the Wednesday, when it was a fine warm day, much more suitable for working. Bill Dobson, Nigel Hall, Steve Hyman were present, along with Ian Pearson until lunch time, when he had to go for a physio appointment at Redcar.

Most work was concentrated on the J27. First job for the team was to move the tall mobile gantry from the boiler shop round the yard and into the MPD between Nos 4 and 5 Roads to allow safe access to remove the dome. Once the gantry was in place the cosmetic dome was removed. Bill, Steve and Nigel got to grips removing the main dome cover and then the regulator. A blank was fitted and the main dome cover put back in place. Nigel collected the J72 underkeeps from Armstrong Oilers and then worked on the J27 crinoline holes where cladding had been removed, retapping the threads.  Ian took the two bottom gauge frame fittings up to Deviation Shed, cleaned off all the gasket material and managed to make one new gasket. These are now stored upstairs in Bay 8a.

The Class 47 was on training runs under instruction from Chris Cubitt.

Ian was at the Railway on Thursday on a driving turn when NSEL were present, replacing the remaining stays on the J27. He was there again on Friday for his Class 47 training and noticed that there were still 11 stays to fit - 4 on the right side and 7 on the left side. Enquiries are being made of NSEL to check the position, find out why the job has not been finished, and when the work will now be completed. Discussions will also be held with the KESR, but it now looks certain that the J27 trip to Kent will be cancelled for this year, with it possibly being postponed to 2023.