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K1 update 24th May 2022


We have worked on the K1 for 5 days since the last report.

On the boiler/firebox the removal of the throat plate/barrel rivets is almost completed - only 5 more to do. Preparation for the removal of the outer wrapper platework continues with the burning of the platework around the side stays (see attached photo of Steve undertaking this task). No more progress has been made on the seamingly never ending job of needle-gunning the interior of the barrel (not safe to do while we are inside the barrel burning and drilling rivets out) but all of the palm stays have now been needle-gunned.

Steve Gibson cuts the firebox wrapper plate around the stays - Paul Hutchinson

On the mechanical side the tender brake tables, hangers and all associated pins have been removed and cleaned ahead of inspection and NDT, the split pins have been removed from the tender hornstays and the nuts slackened ahead of dropping the wheelsets out. The loco brake weigh shaft is now also ready to be removed.

Work on the cab roof also continues - more corroded and consequently more to replace than anticipated but nothing too drastic (or expensive).

Away from Carnforth the new slidebars are nearing completion at Dormer Engineering and Elm Tree Fabrications have manufactured a new cladding case for loco steam brake cylinder.

Many thanks to Angie Buxton, Lizzy Fielding, Steve Gibson, Robby Ellis, Rolly Bingham, Rob Morgan, Frank Hryniewicz and Mike Bloomfield who have all worked on the loco since the last update.