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K1 update 12th July 2022


We have worked on the K1 at Carnforth for 15 days since I wrote the last report (a few less since it was distributed).

On the boiler/firebox, the preparations for removing the outer wrapper sides are all but complete with only the seal welds to break through before the boiler can be inverted. Special thanks are most certainly due to Steve Gibson who burned round about 500 of the 600 stays on this particular job.

In addition to the above, the back plate and throat plate/foundation ring corner patch screws have been removedĀ  - those to the back plate came out without too much drama but 8 out of the 10 to the throat plate had to be drilled out. Bolts have also been fitted to temporarily replace some of the throat plate/barrel rivets.

The new regulator stuffing box pad/boss stud has been fitted, completing the replacement, where needed of all back plate pad studs and further preparation has been carried out to remove the roof stays that are to be replaced.

A start has been made on refurbishing the top and back plate mud hole doors. We will leave the throat plate and lower side doors until the holes have been cut into the new platework.

The snifting valve has been serviced, including machining the bottom (header side) face and replacing the associated studs and the slacker pipe valve has been serviced and painted. A replacement (very good second hand) atomiser isolating valve has been provided by anonymous doner as the old one was worn out. The only difference between the new and old is the pitch of the thread for the outlet union nut. We had a suitable nut in stock so the outlet pipe has now been re-ended with the replacement nut.

On the mechanical side the loco brake weigh shaft and brackets have been needle gunned and the shaft primed. The bushes in the brackets are to be replaced and the ends of the shaft built up and machined. The L.H. trailing horn lubrication pipes and steam chest pressure gauge pipework has been removed for partial replacement. The new RH piston valve nuts have been manufactured by Mike Hirst under contract and fitted by us. We have also had a couple more frame cleaning sessions.

Work on the cab roof continues - the new platework has been drilled for fastenings, where needed and primed. The refurbished the whistle linkage cross shaft has been satisfactorily trial fitted and painted, along with the rest of the whistle linkage.

Many thanks to Angie Buxton, Lizzy Fielding, Steve Gibson, Mike Bloomfield and Frank Hryniewicz who have all worked on the loco since the last update.

Away from Carnforth the new slidebars are complete (and will be collected from Dormor Engineering this Wednesday) and new LH cylinder and brake weigh shaft fastening bolts have been manufactured by Hawk Fasteners.