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Q6 Departs Crewe


Following two volunteer working party visits to Crewe last month, and a successful functional steam test attended by our CME, John Graham, we were notified by Crewe at the end of last week that the repairs to the Q6 have now been completed and the locomotive is ready for collection and return to the NYMR. We have therefore arranged for it to be loaded at Crewe on 10 July and delivered back to New Bridge at Pickering, where the tender is currently stored.

Q6 is tugged up ramp onto low loader - Dave Pennock

Negotiating way around 87 035 Robert Burns - Dave Pennock

Wagon Train - Dave Pennock

Final check on height before departure - Dave Pennock

Departing - Dave Pennock

Unfortunately, its return to the NYMR does not mean that it will be immediately ready to go back into traffic. In spite of the progress made by the working parties, there are still a number of prepping and maintenance tasks that need to be done first, and a working party is being held over the 12/13 July weekend to get on with those jobs. We also have to arrange for the insurance inspector to carry out the in frames boiler insurance steam test. Finally, there will be an examination required by the NYMR Motive Power Department before the Q6 is accepted back in service.

Hopefully though, it will now be only a short time before we see the Q6 back at work on the NYMR.

Last Updated on Friday, 11 July 2014 22:47