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A Week with The Jacobite


A set of photos from John Midcalf taken whilst spending a week as part of the Jacobite support crew.

Chairman John Hunt rests his weary hand whilst signing copies of his book at Mallaig - John Midcalf

62005 moving 45231 - John Midcalf

John Hunt and Jon Wilkinson - John Midcalf

John Hunt operates the ground frame to allow 62005 to run round the train at Mallaig - John Midcalf

Jon Wilkinson and Nigel Bill by 62005 at the Mallaig buffer stop - John Midcalf

62005 at Glenfinnan - John Midcalf

62005 Andy Heald at Fort William yard - John Midcalf

Jon Wilkinson and Nigel Bill on the footplate of 62005, about to run round the stock at Mallaig - John Midcalf

Jon Wilkinson and Andy Heald with 62005 in Ft William yard - John Midcalf

62005 in Fort William yard with Cow Hill in the background - John Midcalf

62005 on shed taking water - John Midcalf

Morning arrival Fort William, the multi talented Lachie MacNeil carries out a security search - John Midcalf

Andy Heald and Nigel Bill loading coal at Foprt William - John Midcalf

62005 put to bed for the night under Ben Nevis - John Midcalf

454231 resting for the week at the end of the line - John Midcalf

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