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Another week with The Jacobite


A set of photos taken by John Midcalf of the Jacobite dervice during the last week of August.

Jacobite at Glenfinnan on an overcast 30th August as Sprinter passes - John Midcalf

Fireman Neal Woods at the groundframe as the Jacobite is shunted into platform 2 at Mallaig - John Midcalf

Leaving Banavie, the Jacobite passses the wall by Loch Eil which features in the classic reflection shot - John Midcalf

Aproaching Glenfinnan Viaduct, the view from behind the driver's position - John Midcalf

Glenfinnan Viaduct - John Midcalf

Over the top, fireman Neal Woods can rest by Loch Eilt - John Midcalf

Fort William Depot, the hose has been used to extinguish the ash dropped from the fire - John Midcalf

All disposed and cleaned - John Midcalf

Awaiting coal and water - John Midcalf

Simmering away until morning - John Midcalf

Driver's view of Glenfinnan Viaduct - John Midcalf

Sprinter from Mallaig eapproaching Glenfinnan from fireman's window  - John Midcalf

Now that the sprinter is in the platform, The Jacobite fraws forward to allow it to escape to Fort William - John Midcalf

At Mallaig, the coaches are first set back, then 62005 runs around - John Midcalf

62005 enters the run round loop - John Midcalf

After drawing the coaches up the bank, 62005 pushes The Jacobite into platform 2 - John Midcalf

That's it, we're behind the stop board - John Midcalf

Time to connect hydrant hose to tender - John Midcalf

The ground frame controlling platform 2 points - John Midcalf

Taking water at Mallaig for the return journey - John Midcalf

Back at Fort William Depot, disposed and ready for another day - John Midcalf

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