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Home News News and announcements J27 Tender Tank goes for Repair

J27 Tender Tank goes for Repair


A successful shunt of the J27 tender on Tuesday 11th November saw it ready for the lift on Thursday. We took the opportunity of observing a 2 min silence at 11.00.

Terry Newman directs the shunting of the tender for driver Malky Simpson - Nigel Hall

Tender by the crossing ready for lifting the tank with Andy Bell, Malky Simpson and  Terry Newman - Nigel Hall

On Thursday 13th November the tender tank was lifted a bit, then the obstructing attachments removed before it could be lifted clear of the frames and on to a low loader to be taken to Adam Dalgleish's workshop for repair. A working party spent much of the day removing scale from the inner frames.

Attaching the chains to the lifting eyes - Nigel Hall

Take the strain and see what fouls - Nigel Hall

Up and out - Colin Smith

Swing across = Colin Smith

Lowering - Colin Smith

Lowering tank onto low loader - Nigel Hall

Packing the sleepers - Nigel Hall

Down - Nigel Hall

Colin Smith prepares to clear the scale - Nigel Hall

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