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Q6 Winter Maintenance


With the pistons and valves out, rods removed and the motion tied up, on Wednesday 3rd December the Q6 was shunted to the NYMR wheel drop and the driving wheels removed.

Q6 stands in late morning sun on the NYMR wheeldrop - Chris Lawson

With pistons and rods removed, the Q6 is shunted towards the NYMR wheel drop under the watchful eyes of Fred Ramshaw and Ian Pearson - Chris Lawson

The Q6 entering the NYMR wheel drop with Chris Cubitt in charge - Chris Lawson

Fred Ramshaw obscuring Paul Middleton, Clive Goult and Ian Pearson pondering the next step in  the NYMR wheel drop - Chris Lawson

The Q6 left hand driving wheel with horn stay and spring hanger nuts removed - Chris Lawson

A view of the Q6 driving wheel set from above on the NYMR wheel drop - Chris Lawson

Q6 driving wheel set being lowered on the NYMR wheel drop - Chris Lawson

NELPG expresses enormous thanks to Clive Goult and Paul Middleton from the NYMR MPD. Without their efforts and dedication to the cause, we would not have succeeded on Wednesday night, and lost valuable time with the winter maintenance programme.

On Saturday 6th December another working party cleaned up the axle boxes and journals for inspection and measurement.

The Q6 axle boxes in Deviation Shed being cleaned by NYMR cleaners Stephen Thornton and James Purdy - Darrin Crone

NELPG member James Pearcy cleaning the Q6 driving axle journals prior to inspection by Richard Campbell - Darrin Crone

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