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K1 Cylinder Rebore


As part of the winter maintenance, on 18th December the K1's left hand cylinder was re-bored by Moss Engineering of Kendal.

View through the mounting and drive mechanism on the cylinder front of cutter at work - Jon Airey

Re-boring was required because the cylinder bore had worn and was 0.060" tapered and out of round. (This is the maximum that the MT276 standard will allow.)

Closer view of the cutter at 2 o'clock  - Jon Airey

Re-boring involved setting up a boring machine on the locomotive in order to machine the bore round and true.

View of the bar and attachment and allingnment mechanism at the rear gland - Jon Airey

The next part of the process, which is well advanced, is to build up the piston heads with weld and then to machine them back to the required size. The piston rods will be then ground back round and true prior to refitting the whole assemble with new piston rings.

Last Updated on Thursday, 25 December 2014 11:04