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Christmas Progress with Q6


Work progressed on the Q6 at Grosmont over the holiday period. The driving axleboxes have now been moved from Grosmont and work should commence on these soon.

All the side rod bushes have now been removed, the last ones removed in the NYMR shed, and it is planned to send them for remetalling this week.

 Our James Pearcy helped by NYMR cleaner Chris Wakefield moving Q6 rods from NYMR shed where the last side rod bush has just been pressed out - Darrin Crone

Left hand side rods all less bushes - Darrin Crone

Work will begin on machining the valve rings shortly. So that the valves can be reassembled as soon as the new rings are received the valve spindles and other valve parts need to be cleaned up.

The lubrication trimmings have been renewed where necessary and the mechanical lubrication feeds to the cylinders and valves checked.

Terry Newman inspecting lubricator trimmings - Darrin Crone

A start has been made on checking the steam reverser. It was connected to an air supply on Saturday and operated. No obvious oil leaks were found but air was passing the steam cylinder glands so a start was made on removing the old packing in preparation for putting new packing in.

Andy Lowes repacking glands on the steam reverser - Darrin Crone

It is planned to hold a working party on Wednesday and Saturday. If you are available please let Darrin know

Last Updated on Monday, 05 January 2015 15:17