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Home News News and announcements Hutchey joins Q6 Working Party

Hutchey joins Q6 Working Party


Saturday's working party was joined by Hutchey. If the photographer hadn't taken so much time to persuade to pose we might have got more done.

Deviation Shed resident "Hutchey" the robin. Note wearing Hi-Viz. Must have had the NYMR safety brief. Perched on Mrs Elsie Forster's chair - James Pearcy

James Pearcy's favourite picture of Hutchey - James Piearcy

Dressing of the piston rods was completed by Brian Armstrong. A long and tedious job but gets another year out of the rods without having to machine them. Well done Brian and Les Harper who started the job last week. James Pearcey completed the packing of the steam reverser. Unfortunately we ran out of time to operate it so that will have to wait till next week.

The 2 new machined piston valve rings were returned to Grosmont so the reassembly of the valves can begin. We want to make sure everything is correctly positioned so the distances between the valve edges and the port edges will be measured.

The side rod bushes have now been metalled by West Coast and returned to Teesside by the Carnforth K1 working Party. Thanks to Paul Hutchinson. They will now be given to Richard Campbell for machining.

Darrin Crone and Brian Armstrong moving side rods. Note red noses - James Pearcy

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