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J72 Maintenance


Another good day was had by the intrepid band of volunteers working outside in the changing weather and strong wind.

The old cab floor has been taken up as it was showing signs of wear and deterioration to be replaced with Iroko hardwood which should last much longer.

Steve Gibson has almost completed the overhaul of the valves in the cab.He then braved the wind to remove the dome cover and some and then the regulator valve which needs some attention.

The brake blocks were removed by Tim Williamson and Steve Kyall and the effects of flanging were ground off and blocks then replaced.

James Pearcy had the most desirable job of washing out the boiler under the supervision of Terry Newman and to Colin Bowman prepared the smokebox ready for fitting the new smokebox door seal.

Finally one of Adam Dalglies's employees squeezed through the firebox door to expand some tubes which were showing signs of dampness following which as part of a bigger shunt movement Joem was put back inside the Museum. Next week it is hoped to complete final preparations for the insurance cold exam by our insurance company.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 March 2015 19:58