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J72 Passes Steam Test


69023 Joem successfully passed the insurance exam steam test on Tuesday 31st Marchand is now ready for the coming season.

After a successful cold examination by the insurance company inspector, and a successful NELPG steam test, unfortunately Joem failed its insurance steam test on 26th March with a leaking tube joint in the firebox, and thus was not able to participate in the planned driver experience sessions at the weekend.

Ron Gregory of Bureau Veritas inspects the firebox water space through the mud hole door during the cold examination - Nigel Hall

Following some work in expanding tube ends 69023 Joem successfully passed the insurance exam steam test on Tuesday 31st March.

The locomotive is expected to move to the Epping and Ongar Railway in the week commencing 6th April until the middle of May when it will return to the Wensleydale Railway for the remainder of the season.

Squeezing into the firebox - Nigel Hall

Despite demands made by NELPG's other locomotives at various locations thanks must be given to the small band of volunteers who have given their time and energy to complete the locomotive.

The plugs and doors ready for inspection - Nigel Hall

Thanks must also be given to the staff and volunteers at Locomotion who have given their time particularly in fitting the new floor in the cab and organising shunts necessary to move the locomotive in order to facilitate work on 69023.

Inspecting within the smoke box - Nigel Hall

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 April 2015 16:03