North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Q6 progress


On Wednesday we had the usual big turnout but unfortunately we were unable to achieve the progress you might expect.

The major activity of the day was to fit the driving springs. This is not an easy task on the driving wheelset due to the eccentrics on the axle and the large balance weights on the wheel all restricting access. Also to fit the springs the engine had to be jacked, setting up for which is a time consuming activity in it's self. Eventually a team lead by Dave Donegan got a spring up and onto the frame brackets but found that it became fouled when lifted the next couple of inches onto the hanger. After many attempts and much head scratching it was discovered that the gap between the spring brackets was tapered to a gap narrower than the hanger width. When the opposite hanger was measured it was more than 1mm narrower. We'll remember this for next time. We plan to fit the springs again this Wednesday, now we know we'll have to check dimension first.

Elsewhere on the engine the joints for the boiler doors are being ordered by the MPD. Paul Middleton measured up the doors on Wednesday morning. Nigel Hall and Derek Shorten continue to improve the appearance of the loco by t-cutting the tender sides. The BR crest now looking a bit brighter. Colin Smith had a look at recovering the cab floor woodwork and Mike Oliver has got some new wood for the centre section. Bryan Armstrong and les Harper finished putting up the sandpipes and driving brakeblocks.

Most of the work to be done on the engine is underneath so we need the driving springs fitting before the other last reassembly jobs can be done.