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Q6 Progress


We had a successful day on Saturday when a small working party managed to construct the concrete arch in the firebox and to trial fit the mesh to the new spark arrestor.

That fits nicely. Paul Hutchinson with the newly fitted spark arrestor - Nigel Hall

On arriving at Deviation shed on Saturday morning I found No 29 on the pit where the Q6 had been for so long, so things must have progressed well while I was on holiday.

I found our engine in the running shed with all the gear by it to put the arch in. The shed staff had put a tarpaulin on the floor with an electric cement mixer and bags of concrete just ready for us to start the arch.

The formers and stands were put onto the foot plate ready for assembly in the firebox, when the first few formers were set up I asked Paul to check my setup. After slight alteration and words of advice he left us to it.

Andy Lowes's handiwork. The new firebox arch rests on formers which are supported by jacks at the firebox sides. The arch is covered with a tarpaulin to enable the concrete to dry more slowly - Nigel Hall

Brian mixed the concrete and put it into buckets to get it through the fire hole, this is where John (one of the NYMR cleaners) really helped us out getting the buckets to me in the firebox.

Polythene was laid over the formers so the concrete would not stick to the wood and help get a good finish to the underside of the arch.

So the job got going with plenty of activity and sweat by all involved, once started you have to keep going until the arch is complete, so after about two and a half hours it was time for a late lunch break.

Andy Lowes and Paul Hutchinson fitting the new spark arrestor support to the blast pipe - Nigel Hall

While we were building the arch, Paul was taking the big end brasses off ready for the shed staff to re-metal and machine.

After lunch we all trial fitted the spark arrestor, this job is a real pain, it has evolved and had several revisions and modifications. I think everyone who has been involved with it will be glad to see it finished! This should be on Wednesday with any luck.

Brian Armstrong cutting the spark arrestor mesh - Nigel Hall

A steam test is booked for next Saturday in the presence of the insurance company inspector. Then we can start running in all those new bearings before the engine goes into traffic again. It really does feel as though we are nearing completion.

Last Updated on Saturday, 04 July 2015 08:56